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The Lighter Side

Salads and Appetizers

Smoothie $6.50

All fresh fruit blended and poured like a milkshake. Ask for today’s fruit selection!

Walnut Spinach Salad $7.50

Mandarin oranges, cherry tomatoes, onion, walnuts, and drizzled poppy seed dressing

Soup of the Day (seasonal)

Small $4

Large $5

Sacramento Salsa and Tortilla Chips Basket $5.50

Our homemade salsa with fresh cilantro

Fresh Hummus and Tortilla Chips Basket $6.50

Vegetarians agree: delicious and homemade with a kick!

A side of salsa

Small $1.50

Large $2.50


You choose the bread!

  • Wheat Berry
  • Sourdough
  • Pumpernickel
  • Toasted upon request
  • Tortilla wrap

Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwich $8.50

You choose the cheese! Jack, Swiss, or Cheddar. ~ Served with chips

Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich $8.50

Fresh and homemade, served with fruit

The Vegetarian Sandwich $8.50

Hummus, spinach leaves, shredded jack and cheddar cheese. Served with chips

The sandwiches above are dressed with red onion, lettuce, tomato and our Dijn mayo.

Turkey and Apple Sandwich $8.50

Different and delicious! Turkey and sliced apples drizzled with honey on toasted sourdough, Dijon mayo, sprinkled with Craisins and walnuts. Served with tortilla chips and salsa garnish

Atkins Diet $9.50

Three cheeses, a hard-boiled egg, and your choice of the following:

  • Chicken Salad
  • Sliced Turkey Breast

Served on fresh lettuce


Reunion tested Barker Family recipes! Ask for today’s selection!

Our Homemade Cheesecake $6

Creamy and delicious!

Italian Crème Cake $6

Homemade and fresh!

A lovely 3-layer cake laced with coconut, butter crème cheese, white chocolate, and pecans

Brownie $4

A chunk of chocolate! Oven fresh and delicious plain!

Brownie “With the Works” $6

Ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, chocolate shavings, sprinkled with cinnamon and topped with a maraschino cherry.

Sundae $5

Lip-smacking lusciousness!

Ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and nuts, with a cherry on top!


Iced Tea $1.25

Raspberry flavored! Free refills!

Coke, Diet Coke $1.25

Perrier $2

Bottled Water $1.50

Citron Presse $3

A refreshing hand squeezed French-style lemonade

Italian Soda $2

Sparkling club soda with a shot of Monin syrup of your choice

Espresso Lovers:

Check out the Barista Menu

Gallery Blend Coffee $2.75

Freshly brewed regular coffee

Free refills!

Coffee To-Go: Any Bean

  • Small $1.75
  • Medium $1.85
  • Large $1.95

Pot of Tea $2.75

Choose from a variety of loose and bag.


  • Hot $2.75
  • Cold $4.75

Black tea with honey, vanilla bean, ginger and exotic spices

Available in decaf

Van Gogh $3.95

A hot chocolate drink with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and cinnamon sprinkles


  • Single $1.75
  • Double $2.25


  • Single $3.75
  • Double $4.25
  • Mocha $4

Double shot of espresso with steamed milk and chocolate syrup

Café latte $4.95

Double shot of espresso with steamed milk

All drinks are made with skim milk. With half-n-half $.50

Want to sweeten it up?

Add a shot of syrup $.50

Need a boost?

Add a shot of espresso $.75

No caffeine?

Ask for decaf!

Syrup flavors: *Available in sugar-free

Strawberry, blackberry, cherry, *raspberry, mango, orange, vanilla, *hazelnut, blueberry, peach, *Swiss white chocolate, *caramel, pistachio, granny smith apple, coconut, and amaretto

Café Con Panna $4.45

Cappuccino flavored with chocolate and hazelnut syrups, steamed milk, whipped cream, chocolate shavings and sprinkles

Excellent for dessert!

Razz-Mo-Tazz $4.45

A cappuccino flavored with Hershey’s and raspberry syrup. Topped with whipped cream and raspberry syrup

Cezanne $4.45

A tropical cappuccino with hazelnut flavored coffee beans and a shot of coconut syrup. Topped with whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkles

Monet $4.45

A latte made with flavored beans, with a shot of almond syrup. Served in a chocolate swirled glass with steamed milk, whipped cream and cocoa sprinkles

Da Vinci $4.45

Get cozy! A latte made with hazelnut beans, a shot of cinnamon and hazelnut syrup with steamed milk topped with froth and cinnamon sprinkles.

Renoir $4.95

A double cappuccino made with hazelnut beans flavored with cinnamon syrup.

Picasso $4.45

A latte-style drink flavored with Hersey’s syrup, pistachio and caramel syrup.